Development of Distribution Channels and Plan Management

  • Distribution and Marketing Plan Strategy (Inside Sales, Partner Sales, Distribution/Wholesalers, Franchising, Retailers/Distributors, Value Added Resellers)
  • Development and Understanding of Target Industries and/or Geographies
  • Development of Partner and Channel Strategy and tactical methods of incentive programs
  • Recruitment methods for different type of distribution partners
  • Identification for transportation of Products (retail/wholesale)
  • Geographic Channel Management and integration with online sales
  • Channel Over sight and management in partnership with clients

Development of Social Media Planning across many platforms

  • Social Media Strategic Planning requires understanding of the Business, Mission, Corporate Resources and an in depth understanding or customer profiles and target marketing styles.
  • Our associates are all active on Social Media and act as Corporate Ambassadors so that posts are made regularly from several times an hour to several times a day depending on purpose. All major Social Media Platforms are covered.
  • Social Media planning is integrated with Distributorship plans for Wholesale/Retail and Location Intelligence response for our Political Clientele.

Operations Management Services

Provide Assistance to Corporations in identifying New Directors

  • Our team has a massive network of senior investors and management directors across this country. We often help our clients locate the right Directors for their boards. These people are able to open their contact lists and help companies grow in exchange for compensation, equity or shares of stock depending on circumstance.

Provide Referrals to client corporations for Senior Management

  • We are not a search agency and have never partnered with one.We do have a large network of professionals in many industries and are able to identify potential candidates to existing clients.

Provide Chief Operations Management Services

  • One of our Principals is usually available for short-term stints as a Chief Operating Officer. He has helped companies in the technology, entertainment and financial arenas over the past several years. In some cases, a CxO has left suddenly and a temporary Chief is needed or in the case of start-ups, investment firms ask us to place someone just after investment funds are provided to manage until the full start-up management team has been assembled.

Strategic and Tactical Product Planning

  • Development of a full Product Positioning and Development strategy complete with Overall Product Objectives (What Problem is corrected by the product in question).Product Plans include the following characteristics:
  • Product Positioning and Target Marketing Profiles
  • Market Analysis including in depth competitive analysis for specific geographies
  • Value Proposition
  • Feature Recommendations with Prioritization
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy customized for organization bandwidth and resources
  • Brand Development (through a team partner)
  • Go to Market Plan – Tactical Methods and Project Oversight
  • Business Case (prioritized if our firm is working with company on other projects as well)
  • Project Schedule (placed into a Project Management tool of the customer’s choice)
  • Milestone Development including oversight of a Beta Program if appropriate

Investment Executive Business Plans

  • When working with investors the one thing that is common among all of them is that they have a short attention span when first being approached. Stop sending 20-page business plans.We help companies/start-ups create a 2 Page Executive plan that was developed by one of the largest investment companies in the country.Allow us to help you think out your idea, generate the information needed, help build the team and get you rolling.

Investment Financial Modeling

  • There are many pieces of information that are needed to develop the financial portion of a business plan. We work with companies to create a financial operations and revenue model that was originally developed by experienced business leaders at the Boston Consulting Group and Harvard University.The model has been fine tuned for several industries and applied to many business models.

Social Media Analytics and Listening Models

  • Every company has to have a social media plan. It has to include many different platforms including twitter Instagram LinkedIn and Facebook to name a few. It is necessary to generate content specific to your business and to listen to the response through analytic platforms and software.We help develop your plan, develop dashboards for your analytic reviews and help integrate it with your CRM whether it be Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or something else.

Location Intelligence

Use of Geographic Information Systems in Business Modeling

  • Every Company seeks to understand its customers, its followers and its prospects. In order to do this, corporations of all sizes are attacking their data and seeking ways to develop every possible form of business intelligence.A major portion of that intelligence is location based. Where are the customers, where are the vendors, where are the prospects?
  • Innovation GeoAnalytics has been answering this question on behalf of its clients for several years. It requires the integration between the business mission, the method the business manages and inspects its data and most importantly an in depth knowledge of Location Intelligence.Harnessing all of the “Big Data” can be easier when location is used as a common denominator. II allows different ways of summarizing data, inspecting data and most importantly using data to your advantage.
  • The combination of Location Intelligence, Spatial Analytics, predictive analytics and the foundation land data that makes up a Geographic Information system is what becomes the Business Intelligence Advantage that Innovation GeoAnalytics provides to all of their customers.

Use of Location intelligence integration with Social Media

Innovation GeoAnalytics has a great deal of experience combining the intelligence that one can derive from social media with the intelligence that can be derived from location data on every post, every picture, every reference on social media platforms.This combined set of information can be derived by properly “listening” to social media platforms and integrating business intelligence and CRM systems with Social Media and Location Intelligence.

Use of Geographic Information Systems and related technologies in Government and Facility Management

Some of our Principals began in the true GIS industry creating systems for municipalities, regional/county governments and the State or Federal Agencies.Projects from basic Needs Analyses to full blown operational systems have been developed based on their work product.This service remains available especially for those cities that wish to expand their systems from basic ArcGIS, MapInfo and Geomedia platforms to fully integrated systems.The combination of these systems with Assessment, Inspection, Emergency Service packages is now the norm.Our team has a great deal of expertise and is always willing to roll up their sleeves and engage the governments that have invested in the technology.